Samstag, 22. September 2012

Domina Jana Website

Lady Jana Passionate Domina and clinician in perfection, for many years it is my calling to teach you lesson bittersweet, experience bears your name.

  You dream of a stylish lady's feet and to be used by her inhibitions, to be the plaything of my bizarre fantasies. I am a classic dominatrix, sensitive yet consistently. The sight of me, and my skills will take your breath away, so that it gets under your skin each.

  Clinician as a registered nurse and experienced extreme I'll stun you with my extensive preferences and abilities!.

  For force-feeding enthusiasts, caviar and Vomit is not a foreign concept for me since I'm an expert caviar and vomit.

  As Latexfetischistin your latex fetish is a true dream. I dare you and move to the hands of the Lady Jana.

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