Samstag, 15. September 2012

Domina Jana

She practices nationwide with a focus on the city of Berlin.

Their reputation as Extremklinikerin wearing rightly, because the registered nurse goes on all sorts of white varieties. Their qualifications in this area allow her also "unusual" practices.

Even the original "black" BDSM is their profession - whether imaginative psychological torture, the exercise sadistic practices or the creative execution of special fantasies into exciting, evocative productions: Lady Jane is in the inclined guest in the best hands!

With all her rich experience with a flowing, not coincidentally their main clientele is predominantly constituted by those guests shaft which you are always angesichtig .... every encounter with Lady Jane is different, there is a continual, constantly growing increase lived-SM.

In all of this it is always a good listener, friendly in nature, open, extroverted, and always open to new things-in short: A TOP-mail address for any BDSM - Gourmet.


Escort-class Worldwide

Experience the dark side of eroticism and Go into the hands of the Lady Jana.

Whether on business, holiday escort, escort party, hotel or home visit.

It will always be for you an unforgettable experience,

Lady Jana dimensions beyond your bizarre fantasies and desires.


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